#WCW- Dr. Eshe & Hair She Grows 2016

Can I tell you how pumped I am to meet Dr. Eshe in September? So much so, I made her my Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW.

I’m of the belief that anything we need God put it on the earth for us so connecting with an herbologist is right up my ally. With all the genetically modified food, pesticides and who knows what that makes up our diet we can all use the knowledge Dr. Eshe will be sharing at Hair She Grows.

Specifically, Dr. Eshe will speak on womb wellness. As women, we need to show our wombs some mad love. But, to keep it real with you, I really don’t know where or even how to show my womb the love it deserves. That’s why I’ll be looking to Dr. Eshe to lead the way in her workshop titled: Revolutionary Womb Wellness!

She tell us we will discover how what we eat, use on our hair and skin as well as our happiness affect our reproductive cycle and so much more!

Her Creds

Dr. Eshe ImageDr. Eshe studied at University of California-Berkeley, The Dominican Herbal College, The U.S. Kinesiology Institute and she received her Ph. D in Counseling with The University of Sedona.

She is the author of 2 books, “Organic Gardening: A Primer” and “The Parasite Kleanzing Diet” and is currently writing her 3rd book, “WombLoveology”.

She has created over 400 herbal formulas in her 25-year journey, that have changed the lives of thousands of women, men & their families.

Click to listen to the interview she did on the Tom Joyner Morning Show for their Get Well Wednesday segment!

For more information on Dr. Eshe check out her website www.herbsistah.com.

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See ya in September!